Vegetarian Cooking

Being vegetarian needn't be restricting! In fact, here at Two Tarts, we think making veggie meals actually makes you more creative and a better cook. We would love to help you to put that extra twist on to your day to day cooking, and to give you a few more vegetarian staple dishes that you can make time and time again and will never stop tasting delicious!

All our Teach Vegetarian Party-theme covers recipes with maintaining a balanced, healthy diet in mind. We have a lot of top tricks, tips and time-saving techniques to make sure that you get all the proteins you need. We will also introduce you to a number of vegetarian substitutes for meat dishes, meaning that you don't miss out when eating with non-vegetarians! Above all, though, our Teach Vegetarian parties are there to inspire you to cook really tasty food!

Feedback: "I expected to learn more about cooking veggie food that's easy and we learnt so much. A really fun sociable time learning new things - thank you." "I was expecting to learn a starter, main and possibly a dessert but ended up learning a big selection of recipes. It was really great, lots of fun and really relaxed."