Party Cookery

Our Teach Party themed parties are the courses for party lovers. No longer do you need to be anxious at the idea of cooking for your friends! Here at Two Tarts, we focus on giving you lots of stress-free dishes to impress, which you can prepare in advance. During the party, you work as part of a team with others to create all the dishes throughout the day to achieve more and to share the responsibility for the dishes!

Here is an idea of the sorts of dishes you might cook on a party with a Teach Party theme:


Almond Mascarpone and Berry Cake


Cheese and Herb Sharing Wreath

Tandorri Duck Salad

Smoked Haddock and Watercress Roulade

Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb with Artichoke and Beans

Hake en Papillote with Lime Butter

Iced Raspberry and Chocolate Souffles

Afternoon tea: 

Potted Spiced Crayfish 


"I had thought all course members would be doing the same things at the same time - but your idea of whizzing us through lots of super dishes is much better and gives more ideas." 

"I learnt far more than I expected: brilliant!"

"Absolutely brilliant; could not fault it. A great day, packed with a wide variety of dishes, the best value day ever. I look forward to another Two Tarts Cookery Course!"

"Excellent. I can't believe we cooked so much. I cannot fault it; five star!*

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day. I look forward to attending many more parties."

"Delicious Food: Brilliant Recipes"

"Brilliant. Everytime I come it seems to get better and better."