North Devon Food & Drink

North Devon is incredibly privileged in its position: close to a fishing hotspot, surrounded by areas of Natural Beauty and housing the UK's only UNESCO Natural Biosphere, as well as offering some very fertile farming.  North Devon offers the best of both the worlds of food and amazing landscapes. Some of our recommendations, tips and advice can be found below. We firmly believe that you should enjoy good food three times: once as you are shopping for it, once as you are cooking it, and once when you are eating it!


Veg is all important to cooking, and its quality has a big effect on the taste! Again, good veg can be found all over the place, in local farm shops, in markets and in greengrocers. The trick to good veg lies in its provenance and freshness, we think that fruit and vegetables grown locally should be eaten locally! One of our personal favourite places to shop for fruit and veg is Orchard Farm Shop, in Barnstaple. They pride themselves on stocking local produce, and lots of good quality goodies! 

Throughout the year, we post recipes using seasonal, local ingredients on our facebook page, so if you want some top tips on what to do with all the great North Devon produce, make sure you get over there and like the page!

Where to buy your cookery equipment:

Here at Two Tarts Cookery School, we try to have the best domestic equipment to get the job done! If you are buying kitchen and cookery equipment in North Devon, we would recommend Pots n Pans in Barnstaple. They have some great deals, excellent equipment and are a really nice local business. It is great for gadgets!

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There are some great fishmongers around North Devon, that sell really fresh, good quality fish caught by local producers the night before or even that day! It is worth getting good quality fish.  We recommend Nathan at Passmores on Butchers Row, in Barnstaple, or there are mobile fishmongers like Dan the Fish Man, that sell their catch at local markets at various different locations. It is a good idea to get to know your Fishmonger-they can tell you what the best fish is for the dishes that you are planning and which fish is the best value if that is what you need.  They will also fillet and scale fish if you ask them (this is a good idea: they will be good at it and save you time and mess!)
If you are unsure what to look for with fish, here are a few pointers:

  • Fish should not be floppy - if it is fresh, it will generally be rigid
  • Fish should have a lustre about them; their scales should shine in the light, and their eyes should glint!
  • Mussels are in season when the month hasn't got an 'r' in it!
  • With all seafood, the smell you should get if it's fresh is one of the sea!


There are some great butchers and meat-producers all around the North Devon region. Many of the smaller farm shops, that you can find tucked away on smaller roads, boast a range of self-produced meat and veg, that are worth exploring! Here's a link to a pretty good guide of North Devon Farm shops! We love Besshill Farm Shop - Terry their Chief Butcher is very helpful and also Higher Hall Farm for their fantastic grass-fed, organic Lamb and Beef.

Good quality meat can be found across North Devon at the local markets too, like in Barnstaple's Pannier Market on a Tuesday and Friday, South Molton on a Saturday and Thursday and Bideford on a Saturday and Tuesday.