Family Cooking Party:

Are you a stressed-out Mum, or a Taxi-Dad? Do you find that you are struggling to get food on the table after work for the whole family, or are you finding it difficult to get your kids to eat a range of food?

Our Teach Families themed-parties understand the stresses of trying to produce food for the kids every day and we hope to provide fast family food ideas with short cuts and top tips on how to introduce new ingredients to children and quick ways of producing nutritious, inspiring family food.

The Teach Families parties can run from 9:30 to 2:30, to fit with school times, and are full of top tips, ideas and recipes to speed up cooking, save time on preparing food and get fussy kids eating more. The party is a busy day full of cooking, making a mixture of 30 minute meals, for busy weekdays, and some longer cooking classics, great for weekends or when you have time to prepare ahead. At the end of the day, you will go home with full up with a goody bag full of leftovers from the day and a pack full of recipes.

Other Family Party-theme ideas:

Teach Brain Food!

Achievable family food ideas to help ensure kids can achieve their full potential when learning.

Teach Fussy Eater Rescue!

Recipe ideas and tips to help combat fussy eating.

Feedback: "We covered more recipes than I expected: excellent day." "Lovely new ideas; thank you for a lovely day" "More ideas for simple family meals and some good tips; thank you it was great!" "I have had an amazing time. Thank you so much for a lovely day." "All excellent: wasn't sure what to expect but have really enjoyed it." "I found the day very inspiring and informative." "Had a great day, feel really inspired and had such fun!"